Bacterial Vaginosis | Common Vaginal Discharge

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BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS | COMMON VAGINAL  DISCHARGE  During the reproductive years, at least 1 in of every 2 or 3 women will experience bacterial vaginosis,  a vaginal discharge due to a shift in bacterial composition away from the normal flora.  Unfortunately even a single attack testifies to a woman’s susceptibility and suggests the likelihood of multiple recurrences over the upcoming many years to decades. In many cases vaginal discharge heralds a recently acquired infection with yeast, Trichomonas, Chlamydia or other sexually transmitted condition.  However by far the most common culprit involves a dramatic fall in number and concentration of bacteria known as Lactobacilli with simultaneous overgrowth of a variety of less friendly organisms that generally represent only a small fraction of the flora normally present. This condition known as Bacterial Vaginosis…
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