Generic lisinopril remains one of the standards in drug therapy for high blood pressure.  Also sold as Zestril and Prinivil, this generic ACE inhibitor is inexpensive and generally safe.  The compound successfully combats hypertension and protects both the heart and brain. Additionally it also reduces the likelihood of death after a heart attack and prevents kidney damage especially in diabetics.

Unfortunately most individuals believe treating high blood pressure simply revolves around taking a pill.  While for some this may indeed be sufficient, attention to diet, salt intake, alcohol, cigarettes, excess body weight and exercise is generally required.

Simply taking a pill fails to provide the benefits most people assume stems directly from therapy.  For a 200 pound individual who prizes highly salty food and rarely exercises, reality suggests two or three medicines ultimately will be necessary to improve blood pressure control.

Actually lisinopril often comes bundled in single pills already containing the diuretic hydrochlorothiazde often abbreviated to simply HCT.  This combination seems especially useful.

Side effects tend to be minimal.  A characteristic of the drug family involves a significant incidence of chronic, non-productive cough.  Symptoms disappear quickly upon discontinuing the drug. Other side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness only associcated with the first dose.

Lisinopril first appeared in the marketplace in 1987 and lost patent protection in 2002.  This means that unlike a variety of advertised antihypertensives whose price tag staggers the imagination, lisinopril remains wonderfully inexpensive.  An entire month of generic lisinopril costs as little as $3-$12 while the brand name products can cost 30 times more without any additional benefit.

But remember the critical factor in controlling blood pressure remains lifestyle accommodation.  Attention especially to dietary salt intake together with other hygienic measures can either eliminate high blood pressure or make it more easily controllable.  For many individuals these other non-drug factors signal the who will succumb to a heart attack, stroke or other complication.


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