The question is whether SeroVital really boost growth hormone and if so does it matter?  Containing a smaller amount of amino acids than in a bite of steak, chicken or salmon, this supposed human growth hormone booster makes preposterous appearing claims based on extraordinarily shaky evidence. While using such enticing catch-phrases as anti-aging, breakthrough and fountain of youth, the packaging promotes SeroVital to increase lean muscle mass, reduce wrinkles and more. A $100 investment buys one month of product but at best the “increase” in growth hormone raises it only into the low normal range.

Ingredients include small amounts of lysine, arginine and several other trace compounds in amounts dwarfed by those in the American diet.  While marketing hype suggests special benefits for these supplements, it seems difficult to conger any rationale explanation for their use other than for the profit of the manufacturers.

While SeroVital supposedly boosts growth hormone levels, the evidence behind the claims fails to support any significant role in boosting energy, retarding the aging process, improving sex drive or altering muscle mass.  The term growth hormone long ago achieved miracle status in routine conversation but few really understand the biology behind this hormone.  In fact excessive levels lead to a disease known an acromegaly or gigantism which requires treatment.

Laboratory testing of growth hormone levels are fraught with error and ambiguity.  Our ability to accurately measure the concentration of the hormone must be balanced against the knowledge that these amounts fluctuate wildly during the course of a day.  Single readings are uninterpretable and basically worthless.

Even legitimate studies of treating well defined study groups direct supplements of medical grade growth hormone fail to demonstrate significant advantages.

Another major problem with SeroVital involves the company’s funding of the “research” into the product’s alleged merits.  To the best of my knowledge no independent study group has undertaken to verify any of the claims originating within the manufacturer itself.

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